At Owasys we have ample experience designing and developing custom software solutions for our products, specially for the open owa3x and owa3x Rugged families of Linux embedded computers.

These software solutions make possible for our partners and customers to keep develoment cost low while reducing the time to market of their new solutions.

Custom Software

Our team of engineers take on the tall order of designing, developing and maintaining highly available and versatile M2M and IoT solutions based on the Owasys hardware.

Most of the know-how acquired on this developments is made freely available to our customers through the Owasys Developer's Zone.

Cloud integration

Apart from embedded M2M applications we also develop, and deploy, custom protocol gateways to integrate different devices onto different backends and server technologies.

We have succesfully integrated our M2M devices with different IoT cloud platforms and services such as:

Complete fleet management solutions, energy metering, smart sensor integration... Owasys specializes on custom M2M applications. See our Reference Cases to know more about the endless possibilities Owasys products offer.

FMS J1939 libraryideal for Fleet Management solutions

A pure C library implementing the FMS J1939 standard to be used on owa3x units. Its main features are:

Quick integration on any existing application
Implementation of all relevant J1939 messages
Transparent to the main business logic
No external dependencies

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Special needs on your projects?

Owasys: A solution to every need

We are a team of expert professionals with long experience integrating and connecting sensors, actuators and many types of accessories and peripherals.

We are here to help you.
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Safety & Security

  • Increase your drivers, cargo and vehicles protection
  • Silent call, panic alarms and/or siren activation
  • Remote locking and unlocking. Engine blocking.
  • Fuel level monitoring and theft detection
  • Driver & cargo identification
  • VPN support

On-board telematics

  • Engine, internal electronics and external systems monitoring
  • CANbus and FMS J1939 data monitoring. Take a look at our library
  • Manufacturer Warranty and EU/USA law compliant monitoring
  • Remote Digital tachograph (DTCO) monitoring: Siemens VDO, Stoneridge...
  • Vehicle statistics & real-time events: idling times, acceleration...

Remote monitoring

  • Huge range of technologies: WiFi, GPRS/UMTS, BT & BLE
  • Smart Metering & PLC integration using ModBus, Serial and Wireless technologies
  • Embedded router & gateway capabilities
  • Web integration: built-in servers and web based user-friendly interfaces.
  • Third-party systems, protocols, REST APIs and platforms support
  • Internal databases, format support and storage

Temperature & sensor management