owa3x Plus nominated for the Telematik Award 2016

Telematics platform owa3X Plus - interplay of technologies extends the range

We are glad to announce that from the cooperation between M2M Germany and Owasys the “owa3X Plus” has been Nominated for the Telematik Award 2016.

The advanced telematics owa3X Plus with Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi, eSIM and cloud-ready functionality. The owa3x platform based on Linux OS and a ARM9 microprocessor offers the greatest flexibility during the software development.

The owa3X platform has numerous wireless interfaces to connect barcode scanners, sensors and operating terminals. Wireless interfaces as Bluetooth, BLE and Wi-Fi create a broad range of possibilities to new applications for inventorying and location. It is suitable for both the m2m smart tag (an active RFID tag / sensor), and the Bluetooth Smart Sticks of m2m Connectivity.

The BLE TAG operates with a range of up to 450m and integrates temperature and motion sensors. Motion and temperature data can be collected, ensuring constant monitoring of transport and allowing monitoring the cold chain.

The advanced telematics owa3X Plus with Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi, eSIM and cloud-ready functionality.

An application example for warehouse logistics and telematics: placed in a large warehouse, for example, one owa3X device receives all relevant data of a passing trucks, forklift etc. By integrating TAG and stick in the Owasys platform all driver data and vehicle data collected by the active RFID tags are transferred immediately to be evaluated.

The Wi-Fi functionality also allows owa3X users to interact directly with tablets, smartphones, laptops and printers. A web server is pre-installed in the owa3X. The integrator can choose from a standard set of variants of the owa3X platform including: GSM / GPRS / HSDPA, Networking, GNSS (GPS and GLONASS), optional rechargeable battery, movement sensor, 2 CAN, 2KLINE, 10 I/Os, USB, ETH, 3 RS232, eSIM, etc. The Cloud-ready functionality and compatibility with several IoT platforms completes the functionality portfolio of the owa3X platform.

The owa3X platform is suitable for a wide range of Logistics and Telemetry applications. These applications include; fleet management, Car Vehicle Location (AVL), CAN BUS diagnostics, Digital Tachograph download, and in combination with the m2m Smart TAG and / or the Connectivity sticks the application range is completed with warehouse logistics, warehouse-handling, automated inventory, cold chain monitoring, anti-theft applications, etc.

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