Remote Monitoring and Control of Water treatment plants

“We have decided to use Owasys and Carriots due to the flexibility and robustness of these platforms. Most of the plants are located in quite remote locations and the continuous operation is critical for the application. Both Owasys and Carriots have shown high tolerance for complex situations like low cellular coverage, poor internet connections, etc.“
Alejandro Hugo b-konnet CEO


Copec, the main fuel distributor company in Chile, has selected b-konnet to implement a remote control system for the wastewater treatment plants of their road service stations. The technology provided by b-konnet implements a RTU from Owasys and the Carriots IoT Cloud Platform.

These road stations are usually located in remote areas far from urban centers, where no system of wastewater collection is available. Each plant has to assume the treatment of its own consumption. This added to the fact that many of them are often crowded, makes very important its continued operation. Until now, this control has been carried out by on site supervisions.

The strict control of the operation of these plants is very important, it is one of the main requirements to operate road service stations. The Health Authority has the obligation to close any station whose treatment plant is operating out of normal parameters.


b-konnet has implemented a remote monitoring system based on its platform b-kontrol, which consists of a system of sensors, control equipment, Owasys RTU, Carriots middleware IoT platform, and the SW of control and alarms based on the b-kontrol platform.

Each treatment plant has 10 sensors which are controlled entirely by a single owa3X device.

  • Lift pumps (2)
  • Booster pumps (2)
  • Chlorinator pump (1)
  • Flow meter (1)
  • Dissolved O2 level (1)
  • Wells and chlorine levels (3)

Each treatment plant is capable of processing up to 80,000 litres per day.

b- kontrol: an Owasys and Carriots powered solution for Remote Monitoring and Control of Water treatment plants

The owa3X RTU from Owasys collects and transmits the data to the Carriots middleware IoT platform and from there this data is used to feed the b-kontrol platform.

All these parameters are monitored in real time and if there is any anomaly, this is reported via email, SMS etc to the plant managers who can take action inmediatelly.

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