Coffee Bike & Owasys

Coffee-Bike GMBH is an international franchise in charge of designing and producing bicycles adapted to provide a unique service to the customer. As the name suggests, Coffee-Bike is a mobile coffe shop on three wheels, a bike for the sale of high-quality coffee products.

From an Espresso, trough a variety of classic coffees and specialities which customers can enjoy in those places where Coffee-Bikes are located. Through a mobile application, and thanks to an owa11A installed on each bike, customers can find their nearest point of sale quickly and easily.

At this time, there are more than 150 Coffee-Bikes distributed over 13 countries around the world, all conected with the headquarters of the company through an owa11A providing an optimal customer service at each location.


Coffee-Bike faces two challenges at the same time, first and foremost, improve the service provided to the customers by keeping them informed at all times of where to buy their products. The second, integrating a system not only positioning but also a system to provide them with information aimed at improving service management by monitoring several parameters, among them, is the service status (on/off). Thanks to a mobile connection, faster and standarized information is collected by each bike.

In addition, the device has to be small because of the reduced space that is available for its installation. The internal antennas and IP67 waterproof also accounted for an easy installation.


owa11A MQTT tracking unit

This is where the owa11A comes into play, a highly configurable and optimized unit for vehicle tracking and telemetry. Its design is the result of the experience gained by Owasys over more than 14 years, which currently has an installed base of more than 120,000 units. The owa11A is an ideal platform for a wide range of applications such as: transportation/logistics, security, tracking goods, etc.

The owa11A is a compact device with GPS (GNSS), GPRS, internal battery, motion sensor, I/Os and internal antennas to simplify installation. Its 1800mAh battery combined with different modes of operation, and with multiple configurations, provides a great autonomy to the customer. In addition the device complies with the IP67 standard and measures just 100x60x30 mm.

The owa11A incorporates the communication protocol MQTT: IoT lightweight publish/subscribe real-time messaging protocol well suited to work in the mobile and M2M environments.

The main features of the MQTT standard are: Fast response and throughtput, low battery and bandwidth usage, allows the deployment of devices to all environment even private networks protected by firewall. Thus, MQTT protocol is perfect fit for use cases where: connectivity is intermitent, bandwidth is at a premium and an enterprise application needs to interact with one or more devices, devices needs to send data fast and reliably without requiring retry logic.


Thanks to the solution implemented, it is now possible the existence of a unified control and management system for the Coffee-Bikes. The constant monitoring of the bicycles allows the customers to know where their nearest open Coffee-Bike is.

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