the owa450 IoT platform New Global LTE & ITxPT compliant IoT gateway Global 4G

The perfect IoT platform for controlling and monitoring the data from your industrial machines and vehicles at the Edge

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the owa4x family Robust & powerful IP67 open Linux gateway for IoT Global 4G

A powerful and robust Linux IoT gateway to process and transmit data coming from wired and wireless sensors, devices and peripherals

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the owa3x family M2M Embedded Linux platform

A powerful open M2M embedded Linux platform to develop telemetry and telematic applications with a wide range of connectivity.

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IoT ready owa11 Tracking & Telemetry platform

An optimized, fully featured and highly configurable vehicle tracking and telemetry unit. The ideal IP67 device for Transport & Logistics, security and surveillance, asset tracking, fleet management, insurance rentals...

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OEM & Ad-Hoc Projects Custom M2M solutions

Unlimited flexibility to adapt our platforms to Customer requirements, as Owasys owns and controls the complete Process.

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Accessories Official Owasys accessories

Official Owasys accessories, parts and peripherals for all our products: extended-life batteries, wiring, panic buttons...

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Owasys G36 & i36 Fixed Wireless Terminal

Fixed wireless terminals with PBX and Fax support for GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA networks

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Since 2002 Owasys has been developing, manufacturing and launching wireless embedded communication and telemetry platforms covering a huge range of needs.

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