owa3x Rugged Development Kit

A powerful open M2M embedded Linux platform to develop telemetry and telematic applications with a wide range of connectivity.

  • Development environment: Virtual machine with fully featured, ready-to-use development environment for all Owasys products
  • Documentation: Latest versions of all documents about our products. Such as the owa4x and owa3x API and their libraries specifications or the comprehensive Programming Guide
  • Code: Examples and Application Notes covering all the features of our products. Including a demo application featuring real production code.
  • Tools: Huge variety of utilities, applications and scripts that will reduce your development time and the complexity of new projects
  • Premium support: Customized support for a full year from Owasys Custommer Support, Hardware and Software professionals

Besides a full year of premium support from the team of professionals at Owasys, the owa3x Development Kit includes:

  1. Integrated packages in File System

    • IPtables firewall
    • OTA upgrade support
    • Busybox tool collection, including among others: built-in HTTP and FTP servers/clients, telnet, awk, syslog, DHCP, compression tools...
    • can-utils package
    • aplay (units with codec)
    • BlueZ (units with BlueTooth)
    • WiFi tools (units with WiFi)
    • XML2, DBus and many others

  2. Available packages

    • GSM Network service
    • OpenVPN
    • Dropbear : embedded SSH server and client
    • SQLite database engine
    • SSL
    • lighthttpd : High performance web server
    • MQTT (mosquitto )
    • opkg package manager
    • TCPDump & strace
    • SNMP
    • ifmetric
  3. New packages, libraries and open source projects are being added continously by the owasys Software team or on customer demand.

  4. Developer's Zone access:

    • Crosscompiler & toolchain
    • Latest owa3x firmware
    • Ready to use development environment (Debian Virtual Machine)
    • Full and up-to-date documentation about the Owasys products: Integrator's Manual, Programming Guide, Programming reference and APIs documentation
    • Application Notes, code samples detailing the usage of the most important owa3x features:
      • IO → owa3x_AN3
      • GPS → owa3x_AN5
      • GSM → owa3x_AN24
      • Power modes → owa3x_AN8
      • Watchdog → owa3x_AN18
  5. owa3x Demo application

    A fully documented, MQTT based and highly configurable demo application featuring production-ready code in ANSI C, to report power, I/Os and GPS/GLONASS information though the GSM network. A demo server is also available for tests.

Hardware & Accessories

The owa3x Development Kit contains:

  • owa3x to DK connection cable (24 ways)
  • RS-232 Serial cable 100mmm 6 wire
  • GSM antenna (Fakra)
  • GPS antenna (Fakra)
  • Microphone and speaker
  • Developers board - owa3x
  • AC/DC Power Supply 230Vac - 12Vdc
Owasys owa3x Development Kit contents


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