owa450 Software Licenses

Located in the North of Spain, Bilbao area, Owasys has a professional team who, during more than 18 years, has led the development and launching of wireless products worldwide.

Owasys needs to comply with third party proprietary and open source licenses for all software that we distribute externally. This is typically straight-forward, because a lot of software used at Owasys is distributed under a non-restrictive license. Documents here give more information on what those licenses are, what categories they fall under, and how to handle them.

Please remember, that at the time of this writing, both products —owa4x and owa450— share the same firmware codebase.

owa450 software by release of Firmware

Release Date Product Release Firmware Release product Changelog Software List & Licenses Owasys Software List Owasys SW License List of Debian packages & Licenses Packages sources
06/2019 R1A 1.1.1 owa450 changelog D20-1002-A-Owa4xLicenses.pdf D20-1004-Owa4xOwasysSoftware.R2B.txt D19-9908-B-OWASYS Proprietary SW License Agreement.pdf D20-1003-Owa4xDebianPackages.R2B.txt CYA100_9017.owa450.R1A.tar.gz
Same as CYA100_9017.owa4x.R2B.tar.gz
03/20 R1B 1.2.0 No change No change No change No change No change No change
06/20 R1C 1.2.2 No change No change No change No change No change No change


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Owasys will not be held responsible, under any circumstances, for damages of any kind derived from failing to read this notice, or for failing to comply with the specific obligations on the conditions established by this notice.