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Complete fleet management solutions, energy metering, smart sensor integration... Owasys specializes on custom M2M applications.

Mobile Shop Location Remote monitoring & Tracking

Solution for tracking and remote monitoring of mobile shops. More than 200 mobile coffee shops distributed over 13 countries around the world, all conected with the headquarters of the company through an owa11A providing an optimal customer service at each location.

200+ owa11A #

Snowplough monitoring Remote management and monitoring

Snowploughs are equipped with owa33A devices, which compile positioning info from the GPS with info received via CAN related to the salt dispenser angle, elevation, capacity, etc and report it to the remote server each 10 secs.

# 200+ owa33A

Tracking of Police vehicles Fleet management

Solution for Local Police department where police cars are equipped with owa33A Rugged, which send the positioning GPS info via GPRS, so that the vehicles can be tracked and monitored from the headquarters.

170 owa33A Rugged #

Safe monitoring&tracking Asset management

Application for mobile and fixed safe box monitoring. The owa11A devices report periodically the status of the box and generate alarms based on different events: movement, impact, power fail or in/out of geozone.

# 120 owa11A

Logistics Solution Fleet Management

Track-and-trace solution for organizations searching for support for its logistical processes (journey records and vehicle statistics), using the owa3x KLINE to connect to Digital Tachograph Platform; agregating GPRS and GPS info with external Data Terminal, PDA, audio handset.

The Netherlands
owa33A #

Rail Wheel Remote Maintenance Remote Monitoring & Telemetry

An RFID temperature sensor located at the wheel bearing sends info to owa3X Platform using BT technology, so that temperature and position information are sent to the back office to avoid excessive temperature rise avoiding passenger complaints, expensive repairs on wheels and tracks or dangerous situations.

# owa33A

Energy Metering Solution Remote Monitoring & Telemetry

Utility company managing remotely scattered metering units (telemetry and event monitoring) connected using ModBus over RS485 and Ethernet to owa3x Platform. Report to the server backend using the 3G UMTS mobile network.

1000+ owa33A #

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